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Question: which Raspberry Pi 4 is optimal?
I've been meaning to get a Pi 4 bought for a while now. The 4GB ones are still out of stock probably until at least next month. The question is: is it worth waiting? My main reason for wanting to upgrade is the USB3 and gigabit ethernet, and obviously Moode runs well enough on previous Pis with 1GB of RAM. I know more RAM is generally good, but are there any features planned that would actually benefit from the extra or is it pretty safe to stick with the 2GB model? Or is even that overkill and the 1GB is actually optimal for a Moode build.

Optimality is a state of mind Angel

On an RPi3B+ 1GB memory) with moOde 5.3.1 running I'm seeing nearly 712MB available memory (reported by the top command). I'd expect the 1GB RPi4B would be fine.

Just 'cuz I'm a new-gadget junkie and have projects in mind I've ordered one of each (from three different vendors I find to be reliable). The 2GB model should be here Wednesday; the other two orders...someday.

Best performance is 3B+, 3A+ and 4B, and these models support 5GHz WiFi band :-)

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