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Instruction Guide 128x64 OLED with Song Status and Spectrum Display on Raspberry Pi
Hi JohnnyBravo

Thanks for reporting this error.

This isn't something I know about, but I dumped the databse and noticed the line

CREATE TRIGGER ro_columns BEFORE UPDATE OF param, value, [action] ON cfg_hash FOR EACH ROW BEGIN SELECT RAISE(ABORT, 'read only'); END;

I therefore ran

sudo sqlite3 /var/local/www/db/moode-sqlite3.db "DROP TRIGGER ro_columns"

And I could now run the sqlite3 commands without the "read only" error.

If you try this, please let me know how the rest of the install goes.

Hi Adrian,

I just ran your sqlite command with success, after which the other ones also worked!

I'm still waiting for my oled display to arrive in the post, but following the installation instructions (with the added sqlite command that you mentioned) all work fine.
I'm now at the point where i should start testing the oled display...hoping for the delivery guy to show up soon :-)

Thanks for your help!
I worked through the rest of the install and everything is working fine. I have updated the install instructions for Moode 5,2.


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