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v6.0 Library Options - sort by Album missing?
v6 is impressive. Super smooth. All OK here with two fresh installs. 

In Library Options, the 'sort by' album/artist option no longer appears? Is this intentional? My album grid now only has 'ALBUMS BY ARTIST'.

Other than that minor issue - super stuff Mr. Curtis.
Nice :-)

The new Lib loader will automatically use AlbumArtist tag over Artist tag and so there is no need to have an option for which tag to use.

I had originally intended to have Artist sort and Album sort options like below but it quickly became too complex to implement   within the time frame for moOde 6 launch. Maybe it will appear in a future update.

Artist sort tag: Artist, ArtistSort, AlbumArtist, AlbumArtistSort
Album sort tag: Album, AlbumSort


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