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Idea: Google Drive source
Has any thought been put into having Google drive as a source? Is it possible this could be considered please?
Provide more information, links, usage scenario.
(08-10-2019, 10:09 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Provide more information, links, usage scenario.

Thanks for replying.
I have all of my flacs on Google Drive, being able to have MoOde scan & index / play from a google drive directory would create a truly portable player ideal for commuting, just connect the Pi to the Wi-Fi hotspot on the phone in your pocket.  As all my music is saved to the cloud it would always be up to date & no need to carry or provide power to a usb source or keep that source up to date with library changes.
I realise this is only going to appeal to people with large data allowances & good 4/5g connections.

I am not sure what links you want to see?
This is not such a bad idea, but imo it should be available to other cloud solutions as well, including personal NAS systems (that are accessible through the internet), or dropbox solutions...
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Someone would need to show how a Google Drive is mounted as a file system in Linux.

I imagine Tim is looking for information about the Google Drive API and how it's used in this scenario. Example FOSS projects on GitHub using the API would be great.

When I did a quick search, I found the API specs easily enough but like all Google API documentation it's both more and less than I want to know. 

Finding projects was harder.  There's many folder syncing apps out there but IMHO that's the wrong functionality. There's a ton of for-fee apps which do this, some of which seem to be able to sync with essentially any cloud storage provider.

It seems to me what we want is either a file streaming interface akin to the Google Music API [1] used in upmpdcli or an interface which allows us to add a Google Drive folder as an external drive. The first hit I got on the latter is google drive ocamlfuse which makes your Google Drive a FUSE ("filesystem in userspace") written in yet another programming language, OCaml.

The BubbleUPnP app on my Android phone can use my Google Drive as a source which is encouraging.

Interestingly enough, Tim recently asked his testing team what we should tackle next and regarding his own ToDo list said "There is no Cloud stuff though which makes me wonder..." You must be channeling him!


[1] One might ask the question, as a matter of expediency why not just use Google Music instead of Google Drive?
Thanks for the reply Kent.
I'm not a programmer, the odd basic bash script here & there maybe. I've accessed Google Drive docs via Gnome desktop in Files etc & just browsed files without syncing anything to the desktop and I've dabbled in Grive2 some years ago.  Maybe I thought it was easier than it actually is.

I never even thought about BubbleUPnP & I actually have that already on my phone, I use it mainly for casting video.  I connected it to Google Drive & it plays flac files from my music folder with no issues at all.  Selecting MoOde as a renderer caused initial stuttering for a few seconds but then played a few tracks without issues.  I need to test this more but to use BubbleUPnP as a portable player to MoOde as well as the hotspot source might sap the battery.

I'm encouraged with the fact it's even possible.

Edit: Sorry didn't answer your Q. I already use Spotify, if all else fails I can listen to that, I was hoping to listen to the flacs rather than MP3 as I believe Google Music will convert it all to MP3.
Why not just use Tidal Hi-Fi I suppose is another question. I found some albums here in the UK had a "this recording is the property of...." a minute or so into each song, I took it up with Tidal support based in the US who couldn't replicate the issue saying the tracks they listened to didn't have this, until I gave them the URL's of the tracks where they heard it themselves. The answer from them was that the Artist must want European listeners to have the notification. I quit the service at that point.
It looks like its possible using one of several utilities.

I don't have a Google Drive so maybe someone that has one can test out the rclone utility.
@Tim Curtis 

I skipped past rclone because I don't believe file syncing is what we want (that implies the whole library on Google Drive would be copied down to the player). Turns out it does more. Will read the docs.

I believe gdrive would do the trick except that it's been dormant for three years. I see that just 14 days ago its README was amended to say "Active maintenance will be resumed soon." That's hopeful! Of course it's written in yet another programming language, Go.


Yes, the Google folks do all kinds of things in their walled garden, unfortunately all oriented toward GUIs. For example, you can right-click on a file in Google Drive and play it in the Google player. By the way, when I asked about Google Music, I implied upload tracks to Google Music instead of Google Drive.

Oops, I forgot to put the link in my post.

If you scroll down a bit it describes using rclone to mount a Google Drive. There are a couple of other utils mentioned in the article.

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