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UPNP-Renderer not working - Allo Boss on RPi 3B+

I installed today Moode Audio 5.3 on my RPi 3B+ with an Allo Boss DAC. First of all, a great software!! With Orange Squeeze it works like a charm.

Unfortunately, the UPNP Renderer for MPD does not work properly. I can choose it as a renderer in BubbleUPNP on my Android phone but when starting a track nothing happens and the display says: "44,1 kHz - Stereo - Muted". Strangely enough the UPNP Renderer worked perfectly when I used Moode on my RPi without the Allo Boss DAC.

My Allo Boos DAC setup is:
- Driver Options: Slave enabled
- Alsa Volume 100 %
- Volume Control Software
- 0db analog gain
- 0db analog gain boost

My aim is to run Minim Server (on a NAS) as Music Server, Moode UPNP as Streamer and Renderer and BubbleUPNP as Control Point.

Do you have any ideas why UPNP Renderer does not work in my setup?
Now, it is working: The solution was to deactivate squeezelite player in Audio settings. Too bad since I intendted to use squeelzelite player for a multiroom solution...
I think Squeezelite has a param that releases the audio device after some timeout period. You would enter it in Squeezelite config, Other options.

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