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V6.0.0 disable volume control
Hi, I've just installed Moode V6 and can't find the control that used to be available in config to totally disable the volume control, it now seems to detect that my fav doesn't have a hardware volume control and therefore provides a software one. However in my setup I specifically want the volume to remain at 100% all the time as I handle volume control in hardware after Moode, and I don't want 2 places where volume can be controlled. Is the old functionality of totally disabling Moode volume control still available, and if so please can you point me to how to disable it?

In every other respect V6 seems very nice.

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In MPD Config the Volume control dropdown should contain a selection named "Disabled (0dB output)"
(08-12-2019, 04:52 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: In MPD Config the Volume control dropdown should containing a selection named "Disabled (0dB output)"

Ah thanks, I'd forgotten it was an mpd option!

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