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Problem: Sound Quality Moodeaudio 6.0.0
I installed the new MoodeAudio 6.0.0. and rewritten all the settings I had in MoodeAudio 5.x manually, including the equalizer settings. It turned out that now, despite the identical settings, you can't listen to music!
The bass is heavily distorted, there is one big rumble and hoarseness.
I tried to set the output voltage level to -6dB, but it doesn't help!
It seems that the distortions arise via digital rather than analog.
I reduced the equalizer parameters to remove distortion, but then the sound gets flat!
I have started the old MoodeAudio 5.x again and the sound is very pleasant.
I have a question, was there anything combined with the equalizer in the new version 6.0.0?
Was there something changed in the settings of the audio card: HiFiBerry DAC + Pro?
Please help, I can't set the quality of the sound output from MoodeAudio 5.x.
I moved this post to support and will delete the redundant post.

To troubleshoot your issue you need tp post enough information to allow someone who has a DAC+Pro and stock moOde 6 to be able to replicate your setup and your settings and then try to reproduce your sound issue.
Please provide the data I have to provide. Please be advised that I have manually entered data from Moode audio 5.x to 6.0.0. from screen scans (printscreen). There is no mistake, I have checked several times whether the manually transferred data are consistent.
MoodeAudio 4.x = poor sound
MoodeAudio 5.x = very good sound
Moodeaudio 6.0 - very poor sound.
This is a based on idenctical eqaulizer setting !

I installed a clean MoodeAudio 6.0.0 image from the official distribution, and then manually configured the settings exactly as I had in the last version of MoodeAudio 5.
What configuration files should I send to reproduce the problem?
I have Raspberry 3B + with HiFiBerry DAC + Pro.

Now I was backed to Moode 5.x, because sound quality on version 6.0.0. is not acceptable.

Maybe "programmers" make changes in system driver HiFiBerry DAC + Pro ??

This problem was resolved on update 6.1.0 or not ?
I don't have your dac, but I can't see above any mention of music source, files from a NAS? Spotify? Tidal via uPnP etc? Alsa set to hardware or software? Could it be that you have a hardware and software volume? I don't use EQ at all ever, intact I have a button on my pre amp that disables bass and treble controls, Moode sounds great here.
I have a headphone only system also playing sources from a NAS and Spotify. No distortion.
If you have screenshots of your EQ settings post them maybe someone with the same dac can try and help.
Step one:  Find out what it relates to.  Go back to a completely stock installation of moOde 6.x.  

Leave the EQ off.
Don't do any of the "it sounds better and I have no measurements to support that claim" tweaks or setting changes.
Put a revealing, well-recorded track on a local USB stick.  Use an uncompressed format like FLAC or ALAC.  
Play it.  Does it have audible problems?

If there are audible problems:

1.  Swap headphones, speakers, etc. to see if the problem tracks the transducers.
2.  Try another DAC.  Doesn't have to be a great one -- whatever USB DAC you have lying around (Audioquest Dragonfly, Objective DAC, Eiio, Topping, M-Audio, etc.).  See if that improves things.

If it sounds good, then start changing things.  

Turn on the EQ.  Does that degrade the sound? (I'm with grasshopper -- I never use EQ and have no tone controls in my audio system).
Point moOde to wherever you normally keep your music (NAS, external hard drive, network share, etc.).  Play the same track from there.  

etc., etc., etc.

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