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Artwork display issue
(10-25-2019, 02:14 AM)swizzle Wrote:
(10-18-2019, 05:05 AM)radu- Wrote: Thanks @Tim Curtis. As suggested by @TheOldPresbyope I regenerated the thumbnail cache, but it seems to not make a difference. I was going to re-flash the card and start from scratch, but I saw there's an option in the library settings to set the priority for searching the cover image. I set that and started a new re-generation. I'll keep you updated.

This is generally preferable anyway as you can store one high-res image rather than include it in every music file.

I have exactly the same issue as described above; however I think it has something to do with my NAS and Apple File shares. With Apple AFP a hidden folder called .AppleDouble will be created in every folder; in it are identical filenames for the files in the original folder; so also for the album art files. This will no doubt confuse the album art processor: it will probably find .jpg files that are not jpg at all and try to process them. Unfortunately this will probably take precedence over processing the right files.

@Tim Curtis is there a way to suppress folders that start with a ‘.’ for libraries? That would probably resolve this.
I have this problem too. As a little test, I removed my shares so that just left the music on my usb stick (no sub-directories and no files other than .flac). I moved one of the files I know has valid album art into it's own sub-dir, re-generated the thumbnails and it worked, so it would appear that the code that generates the thumbnails seems to get tripped up when it hits files that don't have album art (or other issues) and applies the default image onto subsequent files that are in the same directory regardless of whether they have a valid image or not? This would explain why the music located in my shared drives (which are in their respective folders) appear to have more album art present.

Hope that makes sense - I'll have a further play around tomorrow...
Use the .mpdignore file

-- or --

A utility or script that prunes the Apple dot files.
Thanks for the reply, but I don't think my problem is related to Apple dot files or NAS. Having looked a some of the code, I **think** the problem in my case appears to be related to the section in thmcache.php where the code does the following check:

if ($dir_a != $dir_b) {
// regen code

So in my case all the USB flac files are in the same top-level folder i.e. $dir_a == $dir_b so no re-gen is performed. If I move some files into a sub-dir then the code is executed.

Obviously I don't know this code, so I could be well be wrong but it's interesting to note that at least 75% of the files on my USB stick have album art, but none of the thumb nails are displayed after a re-gen.
moOde expects collections to be in the standard artist/album/song directory structure. Any other structure will cause breakage in the cover art extractor and thumbnail generator.

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