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Solved: Tracks from Compilation Albums Also Appearing Under Artist
I noticed that when in the Genre/Artist/Album view if I click on an artist with just one Album in my collection who is also on a compilation album, the track from the compilation appears with the tracks from that one album on the bottom of the screen. If I click on the album the extra track disappears. 

I did check that the AlbumArtist tag on the compilation album was "Various Artists." Happening with multiple albums

This may be due to the changes in the compilation roll up code - he says as if he knows what he is talking about

[Image: Artist.JPG]
[Image: Album.JPG]
I can confirm this behaviour. The track from the compilation album has been incorporated within the non-compilation album - however it is sorted “correctly” within it (i.e if the track_number of the compilation track = “1”, then it and the track in the non-compilation album having track_number = “1” are at the top of the list.....hope that makes sense).

I am able to repro. I'll have a look at the new lib loader code later today.
This has given me some thoughts about compilations. Normally I listen to “whole albums” (including setting up “Virtual Albums” for my “classical” tracks), which is why I said (in the “Compilation Rollup” thread) that I wasn’t too bothered by the proposed dropping of display_by_Artist.

Some of my thinking was that I didn’t want to the clutter the library display with artists for whom I have only one track.

The compromise is that whereas “all” of my compilation albums use AlbumArtist(name) = “Various”, I have gone through them (only a couple of dozen anyway) and changed AlbumArtist(name) to Artist(name) for those tracks that I wish to display with the artist for which I have a full album. This fixes the display issue described above.

The downside is, of course, that the tracks in the compilation album no longer appear in the compilation album’s display, and obviously they won’t play if I select the “complete” compilation album (from the bottom left album icon). But I can live with that.

In an ideal world it would be nice to have the compilation track appear in two places.......but for the moment, it works for me.
(08-17-2019, 01:16 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Hi,

I am able to repro. I'll have a look at the new lib loader code later today.

A bit of additional logic fixes the issue but in order to maintain the capability to use any text to designate tracks belonging to compilation albums there will need to be an additional setting in Library options. See below.

Compilation identifier: [Various Artists       ] (i)
Enter the text that is present in the AlbumArtist tag that identifies the track as belonging to a compilation album. The default is "Various Artists".

I'll see if I can slip this into the 6.0.1 update.
Thanks. I wouldn't call it a crucial fix. My reaction when I noticed this was more of a "that's odd."
It's definitely a "must fix". We can't have duplicate tracks appearing when an artist is clicked :-0

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