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Solved: Add UPnP Music Source

Actually the simple drill-down scan works perfectly. It's completely independent of folder names or server types and it was trivial to implement :-)

I'll post some screenies later on and a download link to a zip containing the two source files so you can test it out.

Here are some screenies of the new UPnP SCAN feature. Select a folder then tap SCAN to display the sub-folders. The double dots .. return to the previous folder level.


Instructions for installing the 3 updated files.
sudo wget
unzip -q
sudo mv src-config.html /var/www/templates
sudo mv lib-config.php /var/www
sudo mv playerlib.php /var/www/inc
sudo rm
sudo reboot

EDIT: I've updated the instructions to reflect the new zip file and 3rd file to be installed.

Oops, there is one more file thats needed. Refer to previous post for updated zip and instructions.
Just a friendly bump to make sure the updated zip and instructions in post #32 are used :-)

This seems to work just fine for minidlna at least.
I can not get bubble to show up at the moment for some reason, not sure why I will need some time to check it out.

Works also for BubbleUPNP
As you can see, this would also mean that one server potentially could be multiple sources for Moode. But I guess that is a good thing!

miniDLNA / READYmedia


Been out most of the day. Surprised to find a solution waiting. Basically this implements the same server drill-down process i get with BubbleDS and BubbleUPnP apps.

Seems to work against my installation of minimserver, although I'm suffering some instability with the server. It dies when hit with some action request (I haven't figured out which, yet). I think it likely this instability is left over from my hurried server reconstruction after the circuit-breaker episode yesterday.

Nice work, Tim.


@Onionhead It looks like this will be a viable alternative but it still really bothers me that the workhorse SMB and NFS protocols don't work in your installation.
Ok, coolness :-)

This is a nice improvement to the UPnP Browser.
Thanks for pitching in on this issue and not giving up. 

Applying the code, posted by TC a couple of days back did allow me to use UPnP as a Music source. I used minimServer on Synology DS415play with DSM v6.2. I will change the original post to solved.

Please note while it did in fact allow me to use UPnP, I do not recommend doing so with large music catalogs as the synching process can take up to 5 hours with a shared folder containing 5,100 albums. YMV  Shy

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