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Totally off topic: Turn on your Mac / PC at home remotely with moode BT commands
When I’am on the road or in the office sometimes I need files that are at home on my Mac. It’s in 24/7 sleep mode and needs to be woken up remotly.

WOL does not work because all units are wirelessly connected.
But almost all modern Mac/PC can be woken up via BT (mouse/keyboard)

what is needed:
- A secured !! (VPN/SSH) connection from the mobile to your home network
- An app that can send ssh commands at your fingertip (I use the Android app 'Raspberry SSH Lite')

The command (right button on the screenshot) is:

sudo l2ping -c5 -t 2 <btmacdaddr> && sudo /var/www/command/ -D <btmacdaddr>

Where <btmacdaddr> ist the BLUETOOTH!-Mac-Address of the PC/Mac.

L2ping is not a typical moode command but part of the Raspian OS and turns on the PC/Mac WITHOUT breaking the play for example of moode radio (importend for my wife at home :-)).

Problem, the BT-connection will be established by the Mac until next XMAS, so after && -> disconnects the PC/Mac from Moode.

Works since weeks without any problems.
It seems that Moodeaudio is not only the absolut best audio distribution… have fun!

Regards Norbert

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Cool! Beats having to call the wife and ask her sweetly to turn on the Mac. (Years ago when dial-up modems were still a thing I once had to do something similar and I paid for it more than once!)

I hope, though, that both your Internet firewall and your VPN technology are up to snuff and that you have customized all usernames and passwords. Raspberry Pis are popular targets because there are so many out there running with default credentials.

Hi moOde fans,
(08-22-2019, 03:02 PM)JST1963 Wrote:
(08-22-2019, 12:38 PM)TheOldPresbyope Wrote: Cool! Beats having to call the wife and ask her sweetly to turn on the Mac.

You lucky b@st@rd, my wife would ask "where do I turn it on?"

But ehm….what's wrong with a simple NAS with all your files? I have access to all the files on my Synology where ever I am…
Just need to set up your modem/router correctly, but even that is simple cuz Synology does it for you.


But that doesn't involve any hackery. Where's the sport in that?
Hi moOde fans,
(08-22-2019, 05:04 PM)JST1963 Wrote: Sorry, you're right.... You never know what kind of world-improving invention you do Dodgy
It takes courage to not being a follower…


World improving? Well...maybe...sometimes...but the scariest phrase I ever heard from my sons as they were growing up was:

   "HEY! Watch this!"

I think hacking grows naturally out of that same impulse, assuming we survive those 'watch this' moments.

My wife thought we were all being Y-chromosomally challenged. She'd buy the Synology approach in a heartbeat!

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Hi moOde fans,

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