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Sort albums by year
Nice feature, but what is the appearance when looking at artist / album overview.
Will the albums be sorted by year and will the year be displayed?

As for your question, I would prefer the highest year.

Thanks for implementation and especially the great player :-)
When grouping albums by Artist or by Album, the sort is alphabetic. The year is not displayed in these views. See earlier post #21
Hi Tim,

post #21 I had read.

But I think I did not express myself correctly.
I meant, how is the order of the albums on the right side when I select an artist in the middle column (or left) in the browser and Album grouping is set to "by Year".
In Tag view the albums are always sorted alphabetically.
(09-05-2019, 09:31 PM)deztiny Wrote: In version 6 this part code has been rewritten and needs to be changed:

up to 5:
$album = $flatData['Album'] ? $flatData['Date'] . ' - ' . $flatData['Album'] : 'Unknown';

6 and newer (I guess):
'album' => ($flatData['Album'] ? $flatData['Date'] . ' - ' . $flatData['Album'] : 'Unknown'),

(Since tinypic is offline) here are some new screenshot what this line does:

In Sorting of albums is done by year

Sorting albums is done alphabetic by artist but album title is showing year first
First of all let me say thank-you once again Tim for implementing sort by year.

As I mentioned in another thread, for me it's much more logical to see albums presented chronologically, at least when looking at individual artists.
But, for me, to see the name of the Album is much more important than the year it was released.

With that in mind I've coded two drop-down Library options which allow me to choose how additional information - such as the Year - are presented in both Tag and Album views:

TAG view:

[Image: TAG.jpg]

ALBUM view:
[Image: ALBUM.jpg]
I'd be interested in feedback from other forum members, and if you agree I can look to create a GIT PR.

My thinking was to stick to the way you've currently delivered the features and presented the information in 6.4.0 so that existing users will see the view they have (or will) become accustomed to, but also to present some more options that cater for individual tastes.  Also, the coding doesn't add all of the fields to the HTML and then hide them with CSS.  If the option doesn't require the information then it's not added to the mark-up to make the pages 'lighter'.

Great ! I vote for it :-)
"Mediocrity is achievable. This may explain it's popularity." Byron '98 ;-)
Looks like a nice set of options :-)

Go for it!
Looks like a GOOD IDEA...
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Thumbs up from me.

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