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Problem: USB Audio INPUT
Hello! New to MoOde, but loving it so far.


Does MoOde support USB Audio input? e.g. plug the USB cable from an iPhone into a USB port on the Pi and stream audio? I tried it and it doesn't seem to work natively, but maybe there's a setting I need to set?

Thank you for your help!

Not possible using male-to-male cable and according to the following article there is a risk of damage.

With iPhone just turn on the Airplay renderer in moOde Audio Config and then use Airplay on the iPhone to stream audio.

Right, of course. The connector on the RPI is reversed from what I'd need. Is the micro-USB on the RPI an OTG USB port by chance?
I think it is. I use a USB OTG cable on my Zero W.
Better check the specs. I seem to recall reading that only the Zero is OTG.

According to this the W is also OTG
Sorry, I meant the Zero series as opposed to the 2,3,4 series.
The Pi4 has otg via the usb-C socket.... (and like the Pi Zero and Zero-W can be used as in usb-Gadget mode.)

Also worth noting the Pi4 does not have poly-fuse protection on the usb-c power input.... previous Pi (except the above mentioned Zero') did have poly-fuse on the micro-usb power.

This means powering via the header pins is the same as powering via the usb-C and so frees up the usb-C for otg use.
Ah, should have stopped while I was ahead (with 2 and 3) but I fell into my Buzz Lightyear persona---to infinity and beyond!
Ok, cool!
So with the RPI4, any idea how to use the USBC for USB Audio input along with MoOde?

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