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Problem: Allo Boss V1.2 driver options
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I have just set up the latest Moode with my Allo Boss V1.2 and not sure about the driver options setting.
Could someone please advise whether I should set to-
Slave enabled or slave disabled?

Many thanks,

If you're using Pi and the Boss with no other intermediate devices then set slave disabled and the boss provides the master clocking.

(I don't have access to moOde at the moment but seem to recall that there are @i info icons next to each option ?? You can click on those for more details Smile
Many thanks, I have it set at 'disabled' so will leave as is?
The "slave Enabled" option was added by Allo to allow the Boss DAC to be used with their Kali Reclocker. The option configures the Boss to run in slave mode and use the Kali high precision clocks.

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