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Allo USBridge Signature

This is just a placeholder thread for discussing the new Allo USBridge Signature product that is nearing launch. I'll post more pics and thoughts after I receive the eval kit.

The Sig is based on a Raspberry Pi CM3+ Lite and is designed to be an ultra low noise, clean power compute and I/O platform for HQ audio. There are separate Ethernet and USB busses and a custom driver that bumps the USB port speed to support DSD512. It also accepts 40-pin HAT audio boards :-)



Compute Module: Raspberry Pi CM3+ Lite 1GB
 USB 2.0 ports: 1 x USB CLEAN, 2 x WiFi/BT
   USB current: 900mA total
     HDMI port: 1 x HDMI
 Ethernet port: 1 x GigE (AX88179 chipset)
       MicroSD: Card slot for OS (8GB or above)
    Power port: 5V/3A USB-C connector
    LED Status: PWR (green), ACT (red)
   Earth point: Optional earth connection to PCB


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