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(05-29-2020, 01:50 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: Output stream rate = bit depth X sample rate X number channels

For 16/44.1 Stereo
16 * 44100 * 2 = 1411200 bps = 1411.2 kbps = 1.4112 Mbps

When bit depth is 32
32 * 44100 * 2 = 2822400 bps = 2822.4 kbps = 2.8224 Mbps

Thx for the quick reply, yes I thought it’s got to be like this.

It works out only for the WAV files, where input is 1411kbps.

Why is then flac input, which is dependent on file lower than 1411 as well output at 2822kbps??? ( see above sample in my initial post)

And for all different kind of hirez files like 24/88, 24/96, 24/176, 24/192 kHz in Audio info the “decoded to” shows always 32bit, XX kHz, Stereo, Y.YYY mbps.
Hereby the Bitrate Y.YYY mbps is always the multiple from 24bit x XXkHz x 2.

And output is shown as 32bit, XX kHz, Stereo, Y.YYY Mbps, hereby the Bitrate Y.YYY is the multiple of 32bits x XX kHx x 2 

But ...

the moOde software shows 32 bit and is set to it,  but the Allo USBridge seems to only accept max 24bit as statet above. In Audirvana it shows up as UPNP player with 24 bit. When I change the settings to 32 bit, it does not work properly.
So I wonder what the real Bitrate is, and more of, is it still bit perfect or modified??

It is just for interest, as it nevertheless sound good to my ears
FLAC is a compressed format and like other compressed formats will be decoded into the original PCM source at a given variable bitrate. For example 16/44.1 CD material encoded to FLAC typically decodes at around 700 to 900 kbps. I would imagine that 24/44.1 material encoded to FLAC will decode to PCM at around 1500 kbps.

The Audio info screen shows a snapshot of the decode bitrate reported by MPD. Each time you open Audio info the bitrate will most likely be different.

As I explained earlier the output rate represents the final PCM stream thats being sent to your audio device. If your audio device reports to Linux that it requires 32 bit word length ALSA will zero-pad to 32.

There were two misspellings of "Mbps" I found in the code and so these bugs have been fixed. Otherwise the information from Audio info that you posted looks perfect.

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