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moOde 6.3.0 status
I won't be able to slip it into 6.3.0 release because the code is frozen while I slog through testing and verifying the image and in-place update followed by all the release admin. That takes about a week :-0

Btw, moOde 6.3.0 will be based on the latest Raspbian Buster Lite 10.1 release dates 2019-09-26 :-)

Tim, could you consider arranging by artist > year in a future update as an availiable option?

I've been modding scripts-library.js to do this myself for a while.

You mean grouping the artist column by year in Tag View?
No, list by year within the artist.

[Image: single-disc-01.jpg]

Then in Coverview:

[Image: coverview.jpg]
Yes, I think it can be done. I'll add to the TODO list for a post 6.3.0 update or release.
Tim put me out of my misery, let my 6.2.1 update! Wink
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#17 that I'm in Italy till Thursday....
moOde 6.3.0 has been released :-)

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