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Problem: Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display -- scrolling
Hi moOde-community,

this is a question to all who are using a Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display or something similar. I have just bought an external display by request of my wife. I was delighted how easy the installation was.  I am right now using the most current 6.2.1 release. I do have a problem with scrolling though. In the artist view it takes very long to scroll down, which is why I hardly ever listen to Zelenka anymore, but rather stick to Bach and Brahms. I probably just didn't get the knack yet. What makes it harder is the fact, that there are no panel with letters on the right hand side of the artist names anymore, allowing to jump to any letter by clicking on it. Does anyone experience similar problems? Or is there an easy solution I just didn't discover? (My only experiences with a touchscreen are with my smartphone). Any hint is appreciated!

Thanks in advance, David
What is the aspect ratio or alternatively the screen height and width in pixels of your display?

Displays that have aspect ratios that yield a more rectangular than square area often do not have enough height to display the quick jump index, for example the Raspberry Pi Touch which is 16:10 aspect ratio (800 x 480 pixels). iPad and similar 4:3 aspect ration displays are more square and have plenty of height for the index.

I'll have to take a look at the CSS to see if maybe the index could be trimmed to every 4th letter for example A D G J M etc and still fit within the height of the Genre, Artists and Albums columns and be useful.
Hi Tim,

yes, it is a 800x480 Raspberry Pi official display. Every 4th letter would definitely be enough and very useful! Alternatively, a possibility to change the sorting order on the fly might make it easier to access a certain artist.

Thanks a lot for your efforts, I am a big fan of MoOde and love the new version 5!

All the best

(10-27-2019, 06:21 AM)duracell80 Wrote: I use the touchscreens too. It might seem like a bit of a hack but try an MPD client as the browser instead and use the pi screen for the player controls only. You can also hook up a keyboard and mouse (turn on the mouse cursor in Moode config) or use one of those mini keyboard with trackpad remotes.

I use M.A.L.P on Android. That way then multiple users can use their own smart phone to add tracks to the playlist. Because you then have an onscreen keyboard the act of searching via keyword becomes a breeze.

I use the 7" touchscreen, as part of a Moode built into a nice hifi case. Mostly I do control Moode from my phone but the touchscreen is there so I don't have to, if I've left my phone in the other room, or so guests can control it without having to connect to the primary wifi (they get guest SSID access only), so any improvements to its usability would be greatly appreciated.
Hi duracell80, do you mean using an mpd client on the pi instead of the standard frontend? Or simply not using the standard frontend for anything else than the player controls? I like the idea of restricting the use of the touchscreen to basic functions.

I have been experimenting with M.A.L.P. some time ago. It worked fine, but actually the standard moode frontend works fine on my smartphone and I like it very much. It's just on the touchscreen that it is a little bit troublesome.

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