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Solved: iPhone Safari browser doesn't refresh on next song
I've seen this problem back in 4.x and there's was a test fix posted, but it's no longer there.

I just switch to an iPhone (running latest IOS 13.x).  I created a Safari shortcut that takes me right to the Moode UI on my network.

When songs play, the UI doesn't update album art or information when new songs starts to play.  I can manually refresh it and it displays the right information, but it will not refresh by itself as songs change.

Is there a fix for this?
Works fine on my iPhone IOS 13.x

I would need to be able to repro the issue in order to investigate it.

Works fine in Safari if I just open a blank browser and either use a link from history or bookmark or enter the address manually.

This only seems to be a problem from a homescreen shortcut I created in Safari.

For some reason the homescreen shortcut doesn’t refresh the same way as the same page opened in the “normal” browser.
I tested using an existing Home Screen shortcut and also created a new one and no issues. Maybe try deleting the shortcuts then clear the Browser cache or Web Data, whatever its called.
Very odd.  I just deleted and re-created the shortcut and it works now Undecided
Nice :-)

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