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Solved: new V6.3 + Raspberry pi model B problem
Hi all, 

May I know if V 6.3.0 can support old raspberry pi model B ?

I download and install V6.3 just now ,  my Raspberry Pi 2 working without issue so far. 
I installed in Raspberry Pi model B , I can't see any files in USB thumb drive. I click "update this folder " at USB icon , and also update MPD, still can't see any file in the USB drive. 

I re-format and reinstalled , the problem remains. 

I didn't try on my raspberry pi Zero though.

Anyone having the same issue please?
Hi, Just saw the USB auto mounter section in system configuration.  have to select Davmon , trying now....
It works . 

I will just leave this thread here just incase anyone need it ..


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