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logos and profiles
A bump for a couple of features...

1) Editing of web-radio logos..... Currently these can only be set at creation and not edited subsequently.... see this thread...

most don't post a logo and when you eventually find one you can't add it.... Sad

2) User Profiles... this was mooted some time back .... Tim had a push for a while but it seems to have fallen by the wayside...

use case.... web-radio streams have widely varying output levels... a user profile that activated Volume normalization for these would be more than useful when switching from one to another... Wink   the quid pro quo of limiting to 16 bit would be of no consequence... Big Grin
Blush I raised my hand a while ago about your item 1 but got distracted with some new hardware. Will be home soon and will pick up where I left off. (Need to clean up the radio-util scripts I posted on github too.)

Does activating or deactivating volume normalization on a per track basis require a restart of MPD each time?

I though I read somewhere that some settings in the MPD 0.21. series can be changed on-the-fly without a restart of MPD.

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