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MPD 0.20.23 vs 0.21.15
Hi all, 

Just installed latest Mo0de audio V6.3.0 . 
I tried both MPD versions 0.20.23 and also 0.21.15 . 
the older version sounds more layback, wider sound stage but newer version sounds more forward, dry and less sound stage. 
I'm using 2 DAC with same result, one is my DIY discrete DAC via SPDIF, and another is my DIY AD1865 NOS DAC hat. 
I prefer the older version.

Anyone tested the sound quality of both MPD with others DAC please? 

Just wish to know opinions from all of you guys. 

I agree that there is a difference between the different versions.

I have been wanting to discuss this but didn’t want to get into a better or worse discussion. More like your examples of the differences.

I find that it’s not specifically about the dac but more about the system. 

I sit near field and have a well damped room and prefer MPD 21 in my system. In another system, sitting in the far field MPD 20 is preferred because the room adds a bit of reflections and the farther perspective of 20 works better.

I also find that Edwards tweaks significantly improved the space in both versions.

Mt two cent.
Although I prefer the older version, it doesn't means that the ver 21 is worse,  just my personal preferences. 
Indeed , my test environment is in my audio room , not near field. I tried 2 DACs just to make sure that its not the DAC that match the MPD and give the sound difference.  thanks for your reply, everything its confirmed now. 
Also , I tested both versions with Edward's tweak with huge differences too.

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