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older version of moode audio
Hi all, 

 Recently , my hard disk corrupted, and I keep may versions of Moode audio inside that hard disk. 
I'm a serious audiophile , and I always compare every versions of Moode audio , and my reference is still Ver. 3.8.4, although Ver. 6** seems sound really good now.

Now my reference is gone,I have no reference and I need it for future comparison , and also I tuned all my DIY DAC based on ver 3.8.4 especially my recent build of raspberry pi NOS R-2R DAC hat which is using AD1865, and its not done yet , I'm re-designing my PCB for the latest version and I have no reference now. 

may I know if anyone of you can provide me with a copy of V3.8.4  please ?
Please PM me if you can help . Thank you very much in advance !!!

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