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Problem: Pi with PhatDac and pigpio

I use the my Pi Zero with PHATDAC module and - btw. well done - moode 6.3 and have a problem as soon as I run the pigpiod (
Without the pigpiod the sound is fine and everything works, but as soon as I start the daemon, there are two cases:
(1) pigpiod start without options: The sound gets very slow and deep, that's very bad. It seems this is a conflict with the used PCM, therefore I tried the next.
(2) pigpiod start with option "-t 0": This way it uses PWM and the sound's still fine. But as soon as I send something via IR using the pigpio functionality it sounds like I can hear the transmission and the sound get's a bit crazy then, unrepairable.

So in summary it seems like there's a conflict with raspberry sources in both cases  Huh
Is there any solution or does someone have an idea how to solve this problem?
I want so use moode and also control IR devices with this raspberry...
(and no, lirc is not a solution because it always hangs after some commands unfortunately, not very stable)

Thanks for all input!

Best regards,

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