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Upcoming moOde 6.3.1 update

Here are some screen shots of what's coming in the 6.3.1 update. I'll add to this thread as things get done.

These pics show a couple of things:

1. Tag view having the same grouping, by Year or By Artist, as Album view
2. Year displayed under the cover thumb in Tag view

This pic shows the new Max ALSA volume setting.


Many thanks for implementing sort-by-year!  It's a feature I've been eagerly hoping for - but not so that the view reminds me of when the albums were released, purely so that albums for a particular artist are shown in chronological order.

With that in mind may suggest a minor change to how you've modified the display in Album view in 6.3.0, and hopefully to the tag-view that you're currently working on:

Can you please consider making the display of the year a configurable option?

  • Image 1 - if the date tags are missing then the album shows up as Year 0.  Sure I can go in and edit the tags but it's perhaps better to not show a year at all in those instances.
  • Image 2 - the date 1979 now takes up valuable space that would otherwise have been used to display the full album title.  Of course the year is important for sorting, but my question is does it really need to be displayed?
  • image 3 shows how it used to look (achieved by hiding the span with class album-year).
So, thanks once again for implementing the sort-by-year functionality, I've edited the CSS to hide it for now, but my plea would be to make whether the year actually shows or is hidden in both views, configurable.

[Image: Album-Year.jpg]

Ya, I could prolly do that. I'll add to the TODO list.

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