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Upcoming moOde 6.4.0 update
Sorry, but nope... no way to download on Safari or Firefox on a Mac. (see picture)
Did not try on the browser RPi4 itself... and do not have a Windows PC here currently.
But, on an iPad, I could! So I had the image sent via Airdrop and voila!  Smile
Good to know that the link was active, thanks.

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I just wanted to say after a half a day of trying moOde that I am so SUPER IMPRESSED about how well-thought this is made! My hands down for the people behind this! Outstanding amount of quality!

The only minor thing I could see improved is de volume dial, which ideally would be bigger and with an inner-dial that is "geared" with the surrounding dial for more precise volume adaptation. And bit bigger and more accentuated +/- buttons. (Which are great to have now anyway, using these all the time).

But about the rest I am still speechless, wow!!! I just love it!

I also noticed how low the load on the Raspberry Pi (4) is and the attached power supply just by feeling their low temperature (compared to some other players I have tested).

A little but so striking detail, about the ability to turn off the redundant HDMI output stage saving 25 mA of power.
That is more than 1 kWh on an annual base. All bits count, well done.
Download works for me on a Mac, tested Chrome and Safari.

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