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RPi3B+ and Allo Boss 1.2 = no WiFi
Am I really the only person with this issue? 

I'm running Moode 4.3 on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with an Allo Boss DAC 1.2. 
I can't use the Pi headless like that because neither my smartphone nor my tablet detect the Moode AP unless I disconnect the Boss DAC HAT. 

I got a replacement Boss DAC 1.2 thinking the first one may have been defective, since my Pi3B+ had a really hard time initializing it (it often failed to show two lit green LEDs and I got the 'Failed to find ALSA device' error). The replacement initialized, displayed two green LEDs and plays sound just fine, but the Moode AP still will not operate with the Boss DAC 1.2 connected. 

I got a 5VDC 4A power supply. I never see the Pi's power LED go dark anymore, but that still did not get the Moode AP working. 

I have an older (original) version Boss DAC, and the Moode AP works with that older version Boss DAC installed on the Pi3B+. 

I subsequently purchased a Topping D10 USB DAC, removed the Boss DAC 1.2 and installed the Topping DAC instead. Now the Moode AP is visible to my phone and Moode works headless. 

That tells me the problem is with the Boss DAC 1.2 (later version) in this setup. 

Is there anyone else who has encountered this problem? 
Is anyone out there successfully using Moode + Allo Boss DAC 1.2 headless? 

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