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Idea: Detect duplicate song tracks on playlist adding

I do not know if it is possible or easy, but one feature that might be useful would be to automatically detect duplicate songs when we manually add to a playlist.

With large music libraries, some songs may appear in different compilations. So when adding songs to a large playlist, over many days, it may happen that we try to add a song that already exist in the playlist. If song names could be detected and compared on-the-fly to what already exist in the playlist, Moode could warn the user that this song already exist and offer to replace the original or Cancel (or something similar...).

This is not urgent but if it can be done and could be added to an upcoming version, I think that would be a nice add-on.

P.S. Sorry but it is my first post and could not find a way to have an arrow Arrow in front of my title nor to display it in bold...



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