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Problem: Spotify Player Credentials location?
Hi guys, 

I've just installed Mo0de, apologies if the question has been answered before i did try to search and came up with nothing.

I've got airplay/nas/streaming working etc but i'm a complete beginner with Mo0de.

I've set the Spotify renderer and it states that a premium account is required (which i have) but i cannot find anywhere to put my credentials? Does it operate like this and im just missing it or is there extra steps required?

I see the button for "clear credential cache" so there must be somewhere to put them?

Thanks in advance.
The Spotify renderer automatically fetches the credentials from your Desktop or mobile Spotify app.
Im not sure how that works but it never shows up in the spotify devices or play list.
Now its come up. My phone was on a different VLAN to the mo0de player. Accessing a server on the same vlan with the spotify app made it work

Thanks for the tip!

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