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moOde sound quality in RPi 2B vs RPi 4

I've been playing with a bunch of Raspberry Pi's I have at home and started by having moOde installed on a Raspberry Pi 4. Yesterday I needed that board for another project so I installed the same version of moOde in my Raspberry Pi 2 B.

I have the IQaudiO Pi-DAC+ connected to my HiFi (old Pionneer system from the 80's) via an RCA cable in the AUX channel.

Is it possible that the Raspberry Pi 4 sounds better than the Raspberry Pi 2 B or is it just me? I'm asking because the OS is the same (moOde 6.3.0) and the hat is the same (which I believe is responsible for the sound quality). I'm asking because it seemed like the Raspberry Pi 2 B sounded worse than the 4.

Also, does it make a difference to fetch my audio from my NAS via WiFi compared to ethernet? I believe it can't affect sound quality.

Maybe this is a stupid question but I thought of asking it anyway. I see some people asking similar questions but they bring up different software with different RPi's.

Thank you for the help!

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