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Idea: LADSPA DSP for more PEq filters / RoomEqWizard
I'm leaving this here if someone want to try on moOde. I am curious as the 3 bands PEq are not enough for my needs, and if the raspy4 has the power for it, why not!
(Supports Linkwitz Transform, Reverb, EQ and more)

It may be useful for headphone people too if they get a correct curve (e.g. plenty of measurements on )

That maybe could be implemented into moode so that loading the file could be done from UI? it could drive more audiophile people onboard.

Also for the crazy ones.... it could be used for multichannel active dsp/crossover  Smile

DISCLAIMER: I have not tried anything of the above (no mic here, but will try it on headphones as time permits)

If someone has experience please share.

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