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Pi4, USB3, SSD caddy issues - cause
Thought this might be of interest to some here.

I’ve been having all manner of issues with Moode and my external SSD drive with 1TB of music. Dropouts in music, losing database, etc.

Turns out there’s an issue with certain caddies which fortunately there is a fix for. Please see here:

I bought a different caddy, but the above might be worth a try for those tearing their hair out with external SSD issues.


Just following the guide in the link above and have added my caddy as a 'quirk'. Hopefully this'll work. It's rebuilding my music database now.

Probably a daft question, but I assume for every release of Moode which involves a complete SD card format and flash, that I'll need to remember to do this each time, or until such a time as Pi4 firmware has been released which solves the issues with USB3 caddies and the UAS protocol.

Generally, only major moOde releases are image-only for example if going from 6-series to 7-series and it's because it usually involves a completely new release of Raspbian OS. IIRC Raspbian Jessie lasted around 3 years, Stretch around 1 1/2 years and now we are on Buster. Let's hope for several years before Sid.
Thanks for the clarification Tim! Smile

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