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Idea: Refresh devices
is there a way to refresh audio devices  ??

If I boot moOde and there is no usb device powered up then moOde reports only onboard audio..
If I then power on the usb device there is no way to refresh and reload audio devices without doing a reboot.
After plugging in a USB audio device you should be able to open MPD Config and select "USB audio device" from the dropdown, then save.
Yes, though that presupposes having physical access to the devices.
When they're in a remote location it would be useful to have a software trigger that repeated the discovery used during boot without having to do a full reboot. :-)
A plugged in USB audio device should be automatically recognized after power up, and since MPD Config was already saved all should be good.

Is the issue that the USB audio device is not being recognized after power up?
1) MoOde powers on with usb dac connected but not powered.
2)MoOde defaults to 'onboard audio' (dac is not powered so not recognised)
3) Power-on usb dac but MoOde does not auto-recognise so continues to show only 'onboard audio'

MoOde now has to be fully rebooted to recognise the attached and powered dac.

Feature switch to trigger the discovery, normally used during boot,... without having to fully reboot.
Ran a quick test with a JDS Labs ODAC (port powered) and no issues.

- Plug in DAC
- Power off Pi
- Power up Pi
- Open MPD Config
- USB audio device is in dropdown list

I don't have a USB DAC with its own power switch but maybe another user with such a device can try and repro your issue.

What model DAC is it?

Happens with any non-powered usb dac... several here...
Though for illustration the Perreaux Audiant amplifier with internal ES-sabre dac when left in stand-by mode (so output amplifier disconnected but input circuits held at readiness) is found by MoOde as a Usb dac.

The same unit powered off at the mains when MoOde boots then powered on is not found..

Yes, anything 'port powered' will be found as it initialises as MoOde boots.
Anything connected but powered after MoOde boots is not found...

Hence the suggestion for a software switch that replicates the boot discovery without having to perform a full reboot.

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