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Problem: Album view destroyed ?
I just upgraded from 5.3 to 6.3 and have a couple of difficulties that I would like to mention:

The view on my CD collection is now total screwed up: I do have more that 10.000 tracks , that are now either sorted by artist or bei album name, but NEVER as a tracklist under either the album nor the Artist as a collection. So I have (e.g.) 12 times the same album cover with 12 different tracks sorted as 12 albums or the same 12 tracks spread sorted by Artist. So it is impossible to hear all 12 tracks of one album.
This makes MoOde 6.x useless for me. Maybe I am doing something wrong ?

[Update] Ok, it seems only for former iTunes Collections, where no Album Artist is given ? As a Collection field is no longer available for grouping, d o I need to tag all collections with an Album artist ?

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