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Problem: Library build problem with my Audiophonics ES09038q2m RaspTouch
(12-04-2019, 10:30 AM)maartin Wrote: Hi Guys,
so far i found that my network problems seem to be left behind. All Computers have access to shares of other Computers in the network.

What are "all computers"? MS Windows <version>?, OSX <version>? Linux <distro and version>?

Can "all computers" access the shares published by moOde? They should show up in whatever passes on those computers for the old Windows Network Neighborhood screen. From a Linux Mint 18.3 host I see and access moOde shares either from the Network places in the GUI or from the command line (my NAS is that OMV-HC1 at the end of this snippet)

kreed@t520:~ $ smbtree -bN
    \\MOODELR                moOde SMB Server
        \\MOODELR\IPC$               IPC Service (moOde SMB Server)
        \\MOODELR\MUSIC              USB Storage
        \\MOODELR\SDCard             SDCARD Storage
        \\MOODELR\Radio              RADIO Stations
        \\MOODELR\Playlists          Playlist Directory
        \\MOODELR\NAS                NAS Shares
    \\MOODE4B                moOde SMB Server
        \\MOODE4B\IPC$               IPC Service (moOde SMB Server)
        \\MOODE4B\SDCard             SDCARD Storage
        \\MOODE4B\Radio              RADIO Stations
        \\MOODE4B\Playlists          Playlist Directory
        \\MOODE4B\NAS                NAS Shares
    \\MOODE3A                moOde SMB Server
        \\MOODE3A\IPC$               IPC Service (moOde SMB Server)
        \\MOODE3A\SDCard             SDCARD Storage
        \\MOODE3A\Radio              RADIO Stations
        \\MOODE3A\Playlists          Playlist Directory
        \\MOODE3A\NAS                NAS Shares
    \\OMV-HC1                omv-hc1 server
        \\OMV-HC1\IPC$               IPC Service (omv-hc1 server)
       ...+ lots of other SMB/CIFS servers and shares...

Quote:My trusty Rasptouch does not... That is the message:
sourceMount(): Mount error: (mount error(2): No such file or directory
Refer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs))

Strangely enough is in the Configure/Library Tab > Music Source Field the  NAS marked mounted with a green hook.

These two statements seem contradictory. Are they referring to the same source? AIUI, if you get the green checkmark, then the corresponding source is mounted. What do you see if you invoke mount from the command line? For example, on my moOde 6.4.0 player named moode3a with two SMB shares mounted (OMV-HC1 is my NAS and MOODELR is another moOde player)

pi@moode3a:~ $ mount|grep mnt
//OMV-HC1/Music on /mnt/NAS/OMV-SMB type cifs (ro,relatime,vers=1.0,cache=strict,username=Guest,uid=0,noforceuid,gid=0,noforcegid,addr=,soft,unix,posixpaths,serverino,mapposix,acl,rsize=61440,wsize=65536,echo_interval=60,actimeo=1)
//MOODELR/MUSIC on /mnt/NAS/MoodeLRMusic type cifs (ro,relatime,vers=1.0,cache=strict,username=Guest,uid=0,noforceuid,gid=0,noforcegid,addr=,soft,unix,posixpaths,serverino,mapposix,acl,rsize=61440,wsize=65536,echo_interval=60,actimeo=1)

Quote:Access to I-Net Radio is working fine.

Basically this means you have LAN connectivity, a working router, and a working DNS. Necessary but not sufficient.

Quote:Any Ideas anybody?

You mention in your first post that you're using the NAS function on a Fritz!Box. I checked the Fritz!Box site and found some fragmentary references to SMB protocols regarding one model. It said only SMBv1.0 is supported, yet your first error message suggested it isn't. I still think you need to get information about your specific make, model, and version of its firmware.

Diagnosing CIFS/SMB problems is made difficult by the arcane error messages---kinda like consulting the Oracle at Delphi. If you read the man page for mount.cifs you'll get an idea just how complicated this scheme is.

Have you tried using FTP as the transport protocol instead? I see it mentioned in the Fritz!Box commentary and a number of users have bypassed their Samba problems this way in the past.


PS - I noticed in your earlier post that you are using the 64-bit (aarch64) kernel. Just for fun, how about reverting to the 32-bit (armv7l) kernel just to certain we haven't run into a regression in the underlying Raspbian code?

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