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Problem: Library build problem with my Audiophonics ES09038q2m RaspTouch
Hi Guys, i just did some testing. 

@TheOldPresbyope  I just read your post quickly and try out now the 32bit. Lets see..... still updating library... looks good so far....still running....(Big HD)....yes, it is working!!!

Changing to 32bit Kernel did the trick!

(Had Moode 6.3 running in 64bit, strange. )

Quote:NAS function on a Fritz!Box. I checked the Fritz!Box site and found some fragmentary references to SMB protocols regarding one model. It said only SMBv1.0 is supported

Yes, but there is a Beta running now SMB3.

Quote:What do you see if you invoke mount from the command line?

The Share seems to mount, at least i can see it at /mnt/NAS/ via SSH. I can list all my Folder with ls. All there.

As i know how it is working :-), i will try to switch back to 64bit and see what is happening.

Thanks a lot @TheOldPresbyope, @Tim Curtis 

A pleasure listening with Moode!


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