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Problem: ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet on RPI Zero W dont work after I2S device selection
Hello everybody!

I am using ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet module on my RPI Zero W 1.1 (Moode 6.4)

At the end of my config.txt i add :


and the SPI Ethernet module is working fine.

After selecting any i2s dac and restarting the RPI, the entry in config.txt “dtoverlay = enc28j60” disappears and the card does not work.
If I enter this entry into the config.txt again, everything will work, but it drives me crazy because I often experiment with different I2S-DACs.

Help me please!
Stock moOde assumes audio dtoverlays when it manipulates config.txt.

Have a look in the source code. Search for "remove dtoverlays"

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