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Album sorting by format

I have often in my NAS music library different music formats, for instance "standard" flac for my portable devices and Hi-Res flac for home listening.
In the NAS they are simply separated in sub-folders, for example : King Crimson\Studio Albums\1970 - Lizard\flac and King Crimson\Studio Albums\1970 - Lizard\flac 96kHz.

Unfortunately (but this is normal) the songs are mixed in the tag view, so start playing an album from it is not possible, that will play all songs of both formats.

Could it be possible to add a filter by format ? It is already displayed in the playing view, so it should be known.

Thanks and best regards,
You could use .mpdignore for this I think.
From the mpd manual:
To exclude a file from the update, create a file called 

 in its parent directory. Each line of that file may contain a list of shell wildcards. Matching files in the current directory and all subdirectories are excluded.

You'd have to add this file to each Album map which contains both normal and high-res maps and ignore the "flac" directory.

King Crimson\Studio Albums\1970 - Lizard\.mpdconfig
Which contains the word:

Now this "flac" directory will be skipped in the moOde library and you can play the "flac 96Khz" as a normal album.

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