Thank you for your donation!

Thanks for this great project
I am a new user, I have installed Moode 6.4 and I love this project.
Many possibilities, user interface is clear and elegant !

Maybe the installation guide could be a little bit more detailled... I had indeed two issues with my first intsallation
1) The process to upload music to the SD card was not detailled, I have to search the forum to discover that is was via a samba share. Add just a couple of lines in the install doc could (should) help.
2) After this first issue, I have uploaded some music, but very soon I ran out of disk space because I had not expanded the partition. This point should also be added in the installation instruction. Because, once the disk was full I couldn't save anything on disk, so for example the wifi settings didn't work, as well as audio options. And no clue to understand why my settings were not taken into account...
Hopefully after a new installation and expanding the partition all is running well.


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