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Problem: Multiple Versions of Albums
Lately, as a temp solution, I'm just appending the "countrycatalog number" to the album title tag so that moode doesn't group them into a single album and I'm still able to see it from the webui.

But... I keep thinking about this. Disclaimer, I'm sadly not using moode a lot these days and don't know if already implemented.

since musicbrainz_albumid is supported maybe it would be wise to group albums in the library by that tag (at least when artist is selected)

Now I know that musicbrainz_albumid is the release id and it's not human readable enough e.g.: a308ec90-2270-3ee5-862f-b3e1794c3e73 ,

so what about grouping by musicbrainz_albumid AND exposing the comment tag in the moode UI? (since is supported by mpd, I mean expose it both in the library and playback tabs)

One could then write/append the catalog number in the comment tag (even with an automated script for the whole library), and it would be visible from the webUI.

Ideally the catalog number should be always exposed in the UI, as you can see on physical CD spines.

BTW I use picard and chose every entry manually, I don't trust beets anymore: I destroyed a well tagged library in past using that  Angel
Now I know this tagging thing is overkill for most, I think we are talking about huge libraries here... we know how much of a pain correct tagging is!

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