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Piano 2.1 Sub volume not persists
Hi just got an Allo Piano 2.1, running with Moode 6.4 on Rpi 4. I got it working after installing the firmware (nice sound!) however :

1) The Subwoofer volume never persists after reboot. I set it up and it works but after reboot it gone back to 0%. reports the same. Is this normal/known? I'm on 2.2 mode. 

2) What would be the control to have both volume controlled? When I saw Hardware in MPD, I can only control the main volume while the Sub volume is constant. I think in Software I can control both but I thought HW sounds better?

Thanks for the helps.
I don't have a Piano DAC anymore but it used to configure ok via the Chip options in Audio Config. I used it in Dual-Mono mode though and not any of the subwoofer modes...

The Chip options config just runs some ALSA commands to set the DAC's various modes. You might want to try using the commands directly to see if you can get the settings to stick.

Have a look at the source file below.
Thanks Tim.

Copy over that command and run it , it works. However for some reason I’m not able to run it at start up either rc.local nor systemd. I think it runs but no effect. Not sure why as my Linux skill is limited.

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