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Problem: Wifi dongle not recognized
I have an RPi 2B with Edimax wifi dongle. I am noticing significant buffering when I try to play flac files. Presumably the network bandwidth isn't keeping up. Since the device is somewhat older, I thought I would first try exchanging the wifi dongle. The new (no-name) wifi dongle isn't recognized by Moode, although it works just fine when I use my volumio SD card instead. My guess is perhaps there is no driver available in Moode? 

How would I go about updating the usb wifi dongle driver? 

Am I on the right path to eliminate buffering issues? FYI - the same files play just fine with Moode + RPi 4


This is a Raspbian issue. 

Current Volumio uses an earlier OS release (Raspbian 8 Jessie), than does current moOde (Raspbian 10 Buster). 

Best ask on the RaspberryPi forum why this WiFi adapter is recognized in the one but not the other.


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