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Problem: HDMI Screen Setup
Good Evening All

I am thinking of building a full size Hi-Fi separates case for my Raspberry Pi music streamer.  

I have bought a broken CD player (cost me a fiver off eBay) that I have stripped out and I have found a place that will create for me a bespoke black Acrylic front to replace the CD player front.  They will cut out a holes for a screen, headphones and power button to be placed in the front.

When I plug in my LCD TV via the HDMI port on the Pi I get the moode audio screen which is great but I was wondering if it was adjustable.

For instance when I control Moode via my smartphone if I hold my phone in landscape mode I get the playlist, volume etc side by side but when I hold the phone in portrait mode all I get visible is cover art and controls with the rest below after scrolling.

Is there a way on the HDMI port only to get say cover art and track information only side by side?  But like the Joggler skin on Max2Play.  I know that I can get a LCD 2 line screen but I was hoping to be a bit more nicer.

Thanks in advance.

Evening All

I take it that it's not possible....

No matter...Thanks anyway.

Kind Regards


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