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Help Correctly enable USB audio in Moode
Gentlemen, I managed with the configuration of everything, Lan and Wifi also works, Spotify goes, Tidal also goes, I have the raspberry connected to the test via a jack cable with a speaker and everything is great but I have a question?

I intend to buy a Marantz model 7005 amplifier with a built-in USB "B" input, I have already purchased a USB A to USB B cable and on Thursday I am going to try Raspberry to listen to this Marantz to the HIFI store and now I have a very important question:

I now paste the instructions from the Moode installation and USB - Audio output configuration.

I have it set in Devices / I2S audio device to None, in MPD Edit / MPD Config / Audio device / Device type to Device type On-board audio device

I do not have this option set: Set Device type to "USB audio device" then SAVE - I2S DEVICE

I will only add that this option is not there, I searched in moode 6.4 and did not find it.

My question is whether I'm sure I have set a strikte for audio output via USB to Marantz cable and will it work for me?



a) Menu, Configure, Audio

b) Select "None" for I2S audio device then SET

c) Reboot

d) Menu, Configure, Audio

e) MPD options: EDIT OPTIONS

f) Leave Volume control set to "Software"

g) Set Device type to "USB audio device" then SAVE


The option for USB output will only show when there is a suitable USB device connected...Wink

Once connected Select "None" for I2S audio device then SET and in the MPD options there will show 2 output choices...
1)Onboard audio
2) The usb device.
Hi evan.

The "Device Type" option will show "USB audio device" once you have connected the Marantz to your Pi, you may need to refresh the web page.

I run and Audiolab DAC off my Pi3.


(Drone typed quicker than me Big Grin )

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