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I grabbed one of these enclosures a couple of weeks ago, with a pi4.

Very nice combo, but the top part can scatch very easily, so remove the GPIO cover and use a clean surface to build on.

I haven't used the power script, but the power button still functions as a simple on/off.

Funnily enough we had one of those momentary powercuts the other day, the only system that didn't restart was the Pi4-Argon (Pi2, Pi3, PC all booted back up).

Overall I'd recommend the case, like Drone7 I've only hit 43C slamming out some 'Stones DSD's, it's usually under 40C. Smile
(01-20-2020, 07:33 PM)dwlacroix Wrote: Curious how well it works with a HAT. Other than the obvious esthetic issues

It depends on how heavy it is. They mount hanging over the back.

A small board is no issue. works perfectly. My HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro, however, required a piece of foam to keep from shorting out. (No damage, but it didn't work.)

I love my Argon case, but I swapped it out for the plastic HiFiBerry one since I have it hooked up via some big ol' Silver Sonic Air Matrix cables.

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