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Solved: Can't find ashuffle's exclusion list

I'm happily running the latest moOdeAudio software on my Raspberry Pi, with the auto-shuffle (ashuffle) feature activated. The only downside I have, is that I can't find where to put some exclusion for the songs used when suffling. I found some indications in this post, but it seems like it doesn't match the current state of the GUI (or, maybe, I should change my glasses).

So, my question is quite basic: how do I set some exclusion rules to the songs selected by ashuffle with the current (6.4) interface of moOdeAudio?
It's at the bottom of the Appearance screen.

I have a TODO to move it to the Audio Config screen.
(01-20-2020, 07:25 PM)Tim Curtis Wrote: It's at the bottom of the Appearance screen.

Oh, thanks a lot! I'd looked everywhere in the Configure screens, but never thought of looking in the Appearance one. Now everything works as I'd like, so thanks again!

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