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[he is back] UI down when getting to the end of the playlist, while using bluetooth
(02-12-2020, 12:34 PM)Maitresinh Wrote: Regarding using directly the phone, that make sense, but it's quite difficult to handle a large collection on my NAS with a Mediamonkey or that kind of solution

Don't know what you mean by this really as you could still access moOde/mpd's library and stream directly from mpd to your phone over the network using M.A.L.P (on Android).
Alternatively you could forego any streaming and directly access the shared filesystem on your NAS to play files & folders natively with USB Audio Player Pro (on Android again).

(02-12-2020, 12:34 PM)Maitresinh Wrote: The other problem is the bluetooth in, in order to have Hi-res sound for my movies. But the problem here was more about stability.
You won't get hi-res anything over Bluetooth it's a lossy, low-bitrate streaming protocol. Yes there's apt-X & LDAC but I don't think those are possible on the Pi.

So are you saying you have both input and output Bluetooth audio devices connecting simultaneously to the Pi's Bluetooth adapter? If so could that be part of your problem?
iNo they are not connected at the same time. By Hi-res, i only meant i was using my main speakers, the best ones.

Anyway : i've tried with others bluetooth devices. It works just fine. the, i've tried again with the first bluetooth device. Working.
It do not understand what happens. But it seems to be solved.

I'm running it to be sure.

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