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Solved: issue show covers added radios

I added manually some radios + covers (used Gui to add) .
I re-gen and update MPD and database.

Covers are shown in the radios table but not in the playback one.

See screenshot :

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Post the URL's and a download link to a zip file containing the covers so someone can try to reproduce your issue.
And voila :

Radio link :

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I'm not able to repro. The link and cover work fine on my end
What browser are you using..?  add-ons/blockers

I have had similar experience using Firefox and an ad blocker (U-block Origin) where the blocker default is to not show images over a certain size...

Thus.. you will see the smaller resolution thumbnails in the 'radios table' but not the larger images in the 'playback one' Wink

Try disabling all browser add-ons or run browser in safe mode, restart browser and see if the images show..
Solved !

The url had a blank space in the beggining (bad copy/paste) this doesn't disturb the player who delete this blank space and read correctly the URL but the cover was linked to the URL with the space and here the player didn't make the link.

Editing doesn't solved the problem just because the cover still linked to the first url. I had to remove it.
Allowed cover editing in station editing could be a futur featur for futur release ?

Deleted the station, updated the MPD and recreated the station with the URL with no space solved this.

Thanks for you help.

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