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moode 6.4 no playback of files in aac format
I have a raspberry pi 3b + connected to the Marantz 7005 amplifier via a USB - audio cable, I listen to it Tidal in the master version controlling the Android device with the mconnect application, the sound is a revelation Flac plays beautifully 16 bit and 24 bit.
But if there is a song in TAC format in Tidal, it is not played.
On the Android phone itself and via the mconnect application, the file in aac format is played.
And here I have a question, is it possible, is there any pack codec to be installed in moode so that the aac format can be played?
Plays fine on mine.
Are you sure it's not the mconnect app you're using? Try testing with BubbleUPnP.

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