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Problem: Web access issue

I am new to the forum and not experienced! I am having a problem accessing Moode in my network. 

My network configuration is shown below. 


Now I can only access with http://moode from my PC but not my wireless devices. Wireless devices must use IP. I don't have such problem before I put the LGS105 in place and I can confirm it is causing this. However I need it for convenience. 

Please provide some suggestion. Thanks!
Try: http://moode.local OR moode.local
(02-05-2020, 09:58 AM)Norbert Wrote: Try: http://moode.local OR moode.local

... or assign a fixed IP address for your RPi and use this IP address to 'contact' the MoOde Player.

The hurdle is based upon the fact that a managed switch uses Mac address for data transmission while a router uses IP address so check FIRST what IP address has been assigned by the DHCP, use that address in the browser and if the communication works via the wireless device then you can confidently assign a FIXED IP ADDRESS for your RPi.
Thanks! I moode.local worked.

I had IP assigned, but accessing with IP is a bit troublesome as I have too many stuff (bookmarks) using IP access.

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